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Nurturing Health and Wellbeing in a Digital Sector

One strand of this project was the introduction of Real PE into the curriculum. This is a direct response to the alarming statistic that 35% of 4-5 year olds in Swansea are classed as being overweight or obese. Real PE is an evidence based,  inclusive, child centred approach to teaching PE in schools. The Nurturing Health & Wellbeing in a Digital Sector Pilot project has so far upskilled 230 teachers and impacted over 5000 pupils.

“At first I was very negative about using the Real P.E. scheme as a whole school P.E. tool. Since using the scheme over only 3 weeks I have been converted!! The impact it has had on inclusion and behaviour during lessons is amazing. I have been using it for year 5/6 pupils and included in this class is an individual with ASD who previously would take days of school on P.E. days or become very aggressive and never took part in lessons however, during the real P.E. lessons I have been astonished in how much he has participated and benefited from the lessons. He is now coming to lessons smiling and enthusiastic to participate, this is a massive step forward in him hopefully continuing to have a positive outlook on physical fitness for the future.”

Leighton Jones – PE Teacher

“I think that Real PE is more active than normal PE. It’s more fun, more active.’

Mya – Trallwn Primary School

“I feel that a lot more people are joining in as we’ve been doing Real PE”

Elsie – Trallwn Primary School.

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Project Information
  • Outputs: 12,016 Individuals benefiting from increased learning
  • Outputs: 1 New career pathway opportunities developed
  • Outputs: 1 New/updated course framework developed
  • Contact: Sue Davies