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Careers in the Digital Sector

Careers in the Digital Sector has been delivering a number of workshops for Young People,  one of which  delivered by Stiwidio Box - a broadcasting company who offer a range of bilingual services through media technologies and corporate clients such as the Welsh Government, WRU, S4C and BBC. During the workshop students brainstormed the idea of well being and how they can promote positive wellbeing to their peers using media technologies. Subsequently, the students created and recorded their own radio show. Which can be found here https://www.mixcloud.com/cymruFM/npt-academy-radio 

“I loved recording the radio show in the studio – I felt like a DJ, it was so cool.” Masey Watmore (NPT Academy Member”)

“I am really interested in the film and media industry, so I really enjoyed the Cloning activity. I didn’t realise you could clip the recorded videos and then flip them to create that effect. I have saved my video to my website and plan to develop it further into a short film.” Kevin Carpano (Student)

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Project Information
  • Outputs: 170 Higher Skilled individuals gaining a qualification
  • Outputs: 1900 Individuals benefiting from increased learning
  • Outputs: 1 New career pathway opportunities developed
  • Contact: Karen Thomas