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21st Century Skills

As part of the project the learners took part in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ Style event. Each school team worked with staff from Bouygues to create real world design ideas floor A2 at Pentre Awel. Using team work, critical thinking skills, communication and problem solving, the learners worked over 10 weeks to complete their projects. In November 2023, they presented their work to the overall site and project manager at Pentre Awel and the HR Lead for Wales; Carmarthenshire Education Department Head of Strategy and a Regeneration Lead at Carmarthenshire Council. The judges awarded marks for different technical and presentational aspects of the brief: Every school received a prize because the judges felt the standard was so high and, in some cases, professional enough to be actually used onsite.

There was some great feedback from the participants!

“I think that this project was a great idea as it involved getting young people to help design a space that they may want to work in but also I think it has taught us many skills” - Ellie (Learner)

“The best day in work I have had for several years, we desperately need young people coming into construction and the level of detail and knowledge of the brief from such a young group of students is astounding-at least one of these designs was of a professional standard which could be used by a tenant. Clearly, there is enormous benefit in working with young people and schools in this way despite any reservations we had at the outset.”  - Bouygues Head of Site at Pentre Awel

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Project Information
  • Outputs: 1669 Individuals benefiting from increased learning
  • Outputs: 1 New career pathway opportunities developed
  • Outputs: 1 New/updated course framework developed
  • Contact: Julian Dessent