The Regional Employment and Skills Plan, South West and Mid Wales

This Employment and Skills Plan for South West and Mid Wales has been developed between January and July 2017 with the aim of informing and supporting the Welsh Government’s (WG’s) strategic approach to the delivery of employment and skills provision.

As one of three Regional Skills Partnerships (RSPs) in Wales, we are at the centre of WG’s skills policy, working to support WG in the delivery of a post-16 learning environment which remains fit for purpose and sets Wales ahead of other UK nations and internationally.

To coincide with the Regional Learning and Skills Partnership’s (RLSP’s) geography this plan supports the work of the economic areas of the Swansea Bay City Region (SBCR) and the Growing Mid Wales (GMW) partnership, carefully detailing and considering the respective priorities for those areas. As identified in the previous plan both areas are unique in their labour and economic profiles which are significantly affected by their differing geographies, where possible this has been considered within this plan.

In alignment with 2016’s iteration, we will once again aim to influence the key curriculum areas of Apprenticeships, vocational qualifications, and the further education landscape. However, additional focus will be placed on such factors as;

  • Taking consideration of the well-being indicators published to assess the impact of the WGs work in relation to the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.
  • Ensuring regional Labour Market Information (LMI) as detailed in the plan will inform the delivery of employability provision in the region as part of the All Age Employability Programme.
  • Further emphasis on the role of the Welsh Language in the economy, detailing the demand for Welsh language skills from industry.
  • To identify the skills requirements of the Green economy in accordance with supporting Green Growth and innovation.



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