Business Survey 2018

1. Contact Information:




Telephone Number:

Email Address:


2. Size of business/company/organisation?

3. Which sector does your main business activity align with?
Advanced Materials & ManufacturingConstructionEnergy & EnvironmentCreative IndustriesEducationFood & FarmingFinancial & Professional ServicesHealth & Social CareICTLeisure & TourismLife ScienceTransport & DistributionRetailPublic SectorThird Sector

4. Challenges facing you as a business? (Select all that apply)
Developing staffEconomic/Financial challenges e.g. reduced fundingMaking a profitRecruitmentRetentionTrainingPerception of the sectorPoor connectivityMarketingSeasonalityBureaucracy/ LegislationSuccession planningSecuring workPoor transportation linksOther
If other, please elaborate
5. Is staff retention an issue for your business/organisation?
If yes, which of the following do you think are the main reasons?
Wages offered are low in comparison to similar organisationsImpact of the benefits trapGeographic locationUnattractive conditions of employmentLack of career progressionLong/unsocial hoursToo much competition from other employersNot enough people interested in doing this type of workStaff don’t want long term commitmentOther
If other, please elaborate
6. How would you describe the gender breakdown of your workforce?

7. Would you say that new entrants to your workforce are ‘work-ready’?
If no, what are they missing? (select all that apply)
The skills you look forThe qualifications you look forThe work experience that you requireOr do entrants tend to have poor attitudes, motivation and/or personalityOther
If other, please elaborate
8. Are you currently experiencing skills challenges?
If yes, in which occupational areas; (Select all that apply)
Manager, Directors and Senior OfficialsProfessional OccupationsAssociate Professional and Technical OccupationsAdministrative and Secretarial OccupationsSkilled Trades OccupationsCaring, Leisure and Other Service OccupationsSales and Customer Service OccupationsProcess, Plant and Machine OperativesElementary Occupations

9. How would you define these skills challenges? (Select all that apply)
Computer Literacy/basic IT SkillsAdvanced or Specialist IT SkillsProblem SolvingReading & Understanding InstructionsWriting Instructions, Guidelines, Manuals or ReportsBasic Numerical SkillsMore complex numerical or statistical skillsWritten Welsh language skillsOral Welsh language skillsManual dexterityKnowledge of products & services offered by your organisationKnowledge of how your organisation worksSpecialist skills or knowledge needed to perform the roleother
If other, please elaborate
10. Do you have difficulty recruiting for specific roles?
If yes, which roles specifically
11. How do the skills challenges/ recruitment difficulties expressed previously effect your business/organisation? (Please select all that apply)
Lose business to competitorsDelay developing new products or servicesHave difficulty meeting quality standardsExperience increased operating costsHave difficulties introducing new working practicesIncreased workload for other staffOutsource workHave difficulty offering certain products or servicesNo effect

12. Thinking about the future – what do you anticipate being the future skills challenges for your business/organisation?
Please comment
13. Do you and your workforce experience barriers to training?
If yes, what are they? (select all that apply)
Lack of fund for training/ training is expensiveCan’t spare staff timeStaff now fully proficientStaff not keenA lack of good local training providersLack of provisionDifficulty finding training providers who can deliver training where or when we want itA lack of appropriate training/qualifications in the subject areas we needHard to find the time to organise trainingLack of knowledge about training opportunities/suitable coursesNoneDon't knowOther
If other, please elaborate
14. Do you employ Apprentices?

If No, why?
Financial constraintsApprenticeship frameworks do not meet business needsDifficulty recruiting suitable candidatesUnsure of process in relation to offering oneOther
If other, please elaborate
15. What effect (if any) does the Apprenticeship levy have on your business/organisation?
Please elaborate
16. What challenges (if any) will the prospect of ‘Brexit’ pose for your business/organisation?
Please comment
17. Would you be interested in becoming more involved with the RLSP’s work and joining your respective sectors cluster group?


Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

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