Business Survey, 2017

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2. Size of business/company/organisation?

3. Which sector does your main business activity align with?

Advanced Materials & ManufacturingConstructionEnergy & EnvironmentCreativeEducationFood&FarmingFinancial & Professional ServicesHealth & Social CareICTLeisure & TourismLife ScienceTransport & DistributionRetailOther

4. What would you say is the most significant challenge facing you as a business?

5. What are the main drivers of change/demand drivers that affect your business?

6.Do you see the size of the company changing over the next 5 years?

Please elaborate

7. Do you have difficulty in recruiting suitable staff?

If yes, which roles specifically?

8.Do you feel that your workforce possesses the required literacy, numeracy and ICT skills?

Please elaborate

9. Do you feel that new entrants to your workforce are ‘work ready’?

Please elaborate

10. What would you say are the most significant skills gaps/needs within your organisation?

11.How important would you say the welsh language is to your business?

Please elaborate

12. Do you feel that your workforce possess the necessary level of Welsh language skills needed to fulfil their role?

Please elaborate

13.Is there a significant gender imbalance within your workforce?


14.Is there a significant age imbalance within your workforce?


15. Which is of greater concern?

16. Do you and your workforce experience barriers to training?

If yes, what are they?

17.What support would you as a businesses need to grow and develop?

18. How do you think your business will be affected by Brexit? If at all?

19. Do you recruit graduates or apprentices?

If so, how many?

20. What percentage of your training is completed internally?

21.How would you rate your engagement with local skills/training providers?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey